9 Best Nut-Free Chocolates (2021 Guide)

Woman eating nut-free chocolate cake

Unfortunately, chocolate is a food that often includes nuts or is made on the same manufacturing equipment as another product that includes nuts.

This means, even though a product might not include nuts themselves, it doesn’t mean the chocolate won’t be exposed to cross-contamination. Because even cross-contamination can set off a life-threatening allergic reaction in people who have a severe allergy, it’s important that your “nut-free” chocolate is 100% nut-free. Including what happens in the manufacturing process.

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    Why chocolate is good for you in general

    Dark chocolate is a good source of magnesium and even iron. But let’s be honest, the real reason we’re obsessed with chocolate is that it tastes like pure paradise!

    The fact that chocolate is loaded with antioxidants is a plus. And I’m definitely down to banish those free radicals while I’m also simultaneously drifting off into a blissful dream of lush chocolatey goodness.

    What to consider when buying nut-free chocolate

    When buying nut-free chocolate for your nut-allergic friends, make sure you’re buying chocolate that isn’t being produced in a facility that is susceptible to cross-contamination.

    One way to be confident in your purchasing is to exclusively buy chocolate from dedicated nut-free facilities.

    Since there is no mandatory FDA food labeling to indicate when a product was not made inside a dedicated nut-free facility, you’ll have to read individual packaging and research an allergen policy for a specific product.

    Many food manufacturers do choose to disclose when a nut-free facility is used, however. Read my article about the different kinds of nut-free labeling and what they mean.

    Most chocolates featured in this article are produced in dedicated nut-free facilities. So if you need a few suggestions, keep reading this article to hear about the best nut-free chocolates on the market broken down by category.

    Best chocolate bars – Nut-Free Chocolate Factory organic milk chocolate bar

    Dedicated nut-free facility
    It’s peanut-free, tree nut-free, and made by Nut-Free Chocolate Factory, which has strong safety precautions to exclude nuts as a dedicated nut-free facility. This particular bar is made from milk chocolate, so check out the Dark Chocolate Bar if you are also staying away from milk.
    Do note that even the Dark Chocolate Bar is made in a facility that produces products with milk. If you have a severe milk allergy, scroll down to check out the category Best Milk-Free Chocolate.

    Best chocolate spreads – Don’t Go Nuts chocolate spread

    Dedicated nut-free facility

    It’s like Nutella, but not-tella ‘cause it’s totally nut-free. Instead of nuts or hazelnuts, this spread uses soynuts.

    The Don’t Go Nuts Chocolate Spread is made inside a dedicated nut-free facility, which is free from Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Coconut, Egg, Wheat, Shellfish, Sesame, Mustard, and Lupin.

    Use it on fruit, bread, or as a dip to create a chocolate-covered spoon.

    Best chocolate chips – enjoy life semi-sweet mini chips

    Dedicated nut-free facility

    These little mini-chips are wonderfully adaptable. They’re great in muffins, mini-muffins, cookies, blondies, brownies, and basically everything. I love having a few chocolate chip bags on hand for emergency chocolate cravings. Rip open the bag, just in case.

    Free from 14 of the top common food allergens, these chocolate mini chips are suitable for kids and adults with varying food allergies. It’s also made inside a dedicated nut-free facility.

    Best chocolate cups – Free2Be trial pack

    Dedicated nut-free facility

    Instead of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, check out the Free2Be cups made from Sunflower Butter. This trial pack comes in three flavors: Chocolate Sunflower Butter, Dark Chocolate Sunflower Butter, and Dark Chocolate Mint.

    Free2Be Cups are free from 12 major food allergens and made inside a dedicated nut-free facility.

    Last update on 2024-06-15 // Source: Amazon

    Best baking chocolate – Baker's, premium semi-sweet chocolate baking bar

    Baking chocolate is a pretty specific thing. Baker’s ingredient list for the Premium Semi-Sweet Chocolate Baking Bar contains no nuts, (link to Baker’s ingredients).

    There’s no precautionary label, and it’s also not made in a dedicated nut-free facility. It is, however, free from nut ingredients. Consult the severity of your allergy with your allergist or ask your friend before making assumptions.

    The Kraft Heinz brand owns the Baker brand, whose allergen policy states, “Food safety is our top priority. During our manufacturing process, we focus on thorough sanitation, preventive maintenance, facility and equipment design, and employee hygiene and training. We fully comply with all governmental regulations regarding food safety. In addition to these quality control processes, we use a stringent program of environmental testing in our manufacturing facilities to further ensure the safety of our products.”

    Best for gifts – Vermont Nut Free chocolate gift basket

    Dedicated nut-free facility

    Vermont Nut Free does all the pretty packaging for you. Grab a gift basket filled with chocolate cream truffles, gourmet chocolate fudge, fancy chocolate-covered mini pretzels, chocolate drops, and Vermont Maple Syrup. All of which are nut-free!

    Vermont’s Nut Free Statement states “Our entire selection is 100% nut-free and completely safe for those with any peanut or tree nut allergy. Our products are produced and packaged in our 100% dedicated nut-free facility. We work closely with sources to ensure that our raw ingredients are not only nut-free but produced in nut-free facilities as well.”

    Vermont Nut Free has such a beautiful aesthetic that many of their products would make beautiful gifts. Their company makes many beautiful products. Check out the gift basket, and some chocolate boxes too!

    Best for Valentine’s Day – Dean’s Sweets heart-shaped box

    Dedicated nut-free facility

    When it comes to Dean Sweets, you have my permission to lock me in this heart-shaped box for weeks.

    These gorgeous chocolates from Dean Sweets come in a beautiful red satin box, which is perfect for your nut-free valentine. It comes with a mix of dark and milk chocolate truffles, caramels, and buttercreams. It’s definitely gourmet and fancy.

    The best part of this chocolate box is that it’s made inside a dedicated nut-free facility, so you can relax when you give it as a present to someone you love.

    Dean Sweets also has a great line of premium chocolate sauces, if you want to add in an extra “something something” and really sweeten up your nut-free sweetie. Love the entire company product line!

    Best for kids – Enjoy Life mini chocolate candies

    Dedicated nut-free facility

    Enjoy Life is a great brand to introduce to kids because its products are consistently free of the top 14 most common food allergens. It’s a company with strict allergen policies you can trust around your kids.
    These chocolate mini candies come in 3 different flavors: Ricemilk, Ricemilk Crunch, and Dark Chocolate.

    Each bag contains 15 candies and is made inside a dedicated nut-free facility.

    Best milk-free chocolate- No Whey milkless chocolate bar

    Dedicated nut-free facility

    If you’re either milk-free and nut-free or are buying a present for someone who is milk-free and nut-free, you’ll definitely want to take a look at No Whey chocolate products.

    This chocolate bar is titled a “Milkless” chocolate bar because it's completely free from milk. It’s also free from the top 9 common food allergens. It’s peanut-free, tree nut-free, gluten-free, egg-free, soy-free, and sesame-free. They don’t contain any artificial colors or flavoring. They're also kosher.

    Happy chocolate snacking!