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nut free valentine's candy hearts

Nut Free Valentine’s Candy Guide

It’s that time of year again. Oh no! Which nut free valentine’s candy–and more importantly, allergy-safe–to buy for your household, child’s classroom, or the loved …

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nut free valentine's day sweeties

16 Nut Free Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Sweetie

Looking for a romantic, nut free Valentine’s Day gift to give your nut-allergic special someone? Keep reading. When your valentine is allergic to peanuts or …

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Woman using laptop on bed, allergy YouTube channels

6 Awesome Food Allergy YouTube Channels to Follow – for Adults, Kids

Are you looking for where the allergy advocacy community lives online? Well, look no further! Here are a handful of inspiring YouTube channels to check …

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Kindergarten age girl, first day of school with a nut allergy

The First Day of School With a Nut Allergy

The phrase “first day jitters” takes on a whole new meaning when going to school with a nut allergy. Especially if you’re the parent. If …

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Nut free birthday treats decorations

10 Great Nut Free Birthday Treats

Birthdays can be a hot button issue for the nut free community, especially when requiring a nut free birthday. Just thinking of them fills the …

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Child reading food allergy books for kids

10 Great Food Allergy Books for Kids

Food allergy books for kids has become a popular reading category, for which the nut-allergic community can be thankful. Reading to food-allergic children from a …

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Kids playing outdoor balancing game on grass, to celebrate school birthdays without food

11 Ways to Celebrate School Birthdays Without Food

Why celebrate without food? What’s the controversy? Celebrating school birthdays without food might not seem like a controversial topic if you don’t have a food …

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Kids eating school lunch - nut free school vs nut aware school

What’s the Difference Between a Nut Free School and a Nut Aware School?

Nut free school vs nut aware school… And, which one is better? With allergies to peanuts and tree nuts rising, there is a pressing need for …

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Mom writing on laptop nut allergy 504 plan

Does My Child Need a Nut Allergy 504 Plan?

If you have a child with life-threatening nut allergies, the short answer is yes. Absolutely. You need a nut allergy 504 Plan. Section 504 of …

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Young mothers talking on swings about child's nut allergy

5 Tips on Talking to Other Parents About Your Child’s Nut Allergy

Whenever asking for alternative arrangements to socializing — due to your child’s nut allergy — feels bold and uncomfortable, remember that it’s for the benefit and safety of …

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Nut free Christmas tree kids

5 Tips for Surviving a Nut Free Christmas

So, it’s the holiday season? And let me guess, you’re planning a nut free Christmas. While singer Andy Williams considers it to be “the most …

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School safe snacks kids walking

5 Best School Safe Snacks for Kids

In the last few years, school safe snacks have become increasingly popular — and for good reason. Given that roughly two students per classroom have …

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