6 Nut Free Gifts for the Office

Coworkers opening gifts at office party; nut free gifts for office

If you have a client, coworker, or employee with a nut allergy that you’d like to provide a gift for, shopping for food-related gifts could be intimidating if you don’t have a nut allergy yourself.

As nut allergies are so severe, you might not know where to begin. Luckily there are many companies that cater to the nut-free community and offer luxury food products made in dedicated nut-free facilities and nut-free gift baskets.

If a nut-allergic client or a nut-allergic coworker will be attending the company holiday party, making sure they’ll have a variety of dedicated nut-free facility snacks to choose from at the party (or holiday meeting) should go a long way in making your clients and employees feel welcomed and appreciated.

I’ve sourced a list of nut-free food gifts that would make excellent corporate gifts.

You can bring them into the office to leave around for a snack, to the holiday party, or give as a token of appreciation after working together on a business project.

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    1. Small Vermont Nut Free Variety Basket

    Vermont Nut Free Chocolates has an entire product line free from peanuts and tree nuts. Everything is packaged inside a dedicated nut-free facility.

    And with nut allergies, manufacturing policies are important. Products created inside the same facility as non-nut products can still create cross-contamination that could be harmful to those with allergies.

    Even when no actual nuts are present inside chocolate, it doesn’t always mean the chocolate is safe to eat.

    When buying chocolate for your nut-free client, it’s best to go with chocolate that is made in a dedicated nut-free facility, aware of the nut allergic community and their needs.

    Vermont Nut Free Chocolates is a great choice for corporate gifts as all their products are labeled as nut-free and they have personalization available.

    They offer a service where they can ship the products directly to your client with a basket and ribbons as well as a personalized message.

    Learn more about the services available:

    2. The Traveler Tote By Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

    If you’re looking for something quick, Vermont Nut Free Chocolates also offers a tote filled with nut-free snacks.

    You can keep it in the office kitchen for when clients come to visit or pair it with a gift card by the same company to give as a gift.

    3. Holiday Truffles by No Whey

    No Whey is another great company that produces nut-free products made in a dedicated nut-free facility.

    If your client has multiple food allergies, No Whey could be a great choice as their snacks are always free from peanuts, tree nuts, milk, gluten, egg, soy, and artificial colors and flavors.

    The Signature Holiday Truffles includes four varieties of truffles, all nut-free, and it’s packaged in a festive red box for your clients that celebrate Christmas.

    The Chanukah Truffle Collection is a great choice for your clients that celebrate Hanukkah.

    When shopping for Hanukkah, also be sure to check out my top picks for nut-free Hanukkah treats.

    And if you’re looking for gifts that are secular in affiliation, No Whey also offers an assortment of Chocolate Truffles that have no holiday association like their Signature Truffle Collection, or their Sea Salt Caramels.

    4. Any of These Corporate Gifts From Dean's Sweets

    Dean’s Sweets makes an assortment of nut-free gifts that are packaged beautifully.

    The chocolate coins imprinted with your business logo would make a fine party favor for any corporate gatherings your business has in wintertime.

    Dean's Sweets also offers customized packaging with their truffles, etc.

    Or, you can create a gift crate of truffles, caramels, sauces, and let the decorating and gift wrapping be done for you.

    Dean’s Sweets also carries nut-free products like peppermint bark, chocolate espresso beans, chocolate buttercrunch candy, Hanukkah gelt, Hanukkah gift boxes, chocolate trees, and chocolate snow people.

    See the Dean's Sweets allergen policy.

    5. Chelsea Market Gift Basket

    The We’re Not Nuts gift basket takes the guesswork out of searching for snacks and provides you with a variety of nut-free food products that are safe for your nut-free clients.

    6. Amore di Mona

    Amore di Mona creates luxury chocolates that are nut-free. The Mignardise Assortment is a favorite as it’s great for a variety of occasions.

    They also sell a sun-dried fruit assortment of chocolates, as well as Sea Salt Chocolates, and chocolate bars.

    You can pair any of their chocolates with a gift card.

    View the Amore di Mona corporate gifts allergen policy.


    When purchasing items for a nut-allergic client, it’s best to make choices from products that have been made in dedicated nut-free facilities and have clear labeling on their packaging.

    Items that have a “may contain” label are not safe due to potential cross-contamination. Because allergies vary in different severities from person to person, can increase in severity without warning, and can oftentimes be life-threatening, it’s best to assume your client or coworker has a serious allergy and only purchase items from dedicated nut-free facilities.

    Ideally, when gift-giving, it’s ideal to be giving gifts that have their labels clearly presented so your recipient can feel comfortable. Seeing that their gift was made in a dedicated nut-free facility will give them peace of mind.

    We have another post that goes into detail on the various types of allergen food labeling should you need further clarification, or if any questions arise.

    Happy holidays!