Nut Free Holiday Treats Made in Dedicated Facilities

Gingerbread house nut free holiday treats

Are you looking for nut free holiday treats or Christmas candy that are made in dedicated nut free facilities? If you have a severe allergy to nuts, you might even be cautious about eating a food product missing this label. Sometimes food products are made from non-nut sources, but, if they are made inside a facility that also processes peanuts or tree nuts, there’s a possibility of cross-contamination. If you’re mildly allergic, you might not be so strict to make dedicated nut free facility snacks a rule. But if you have a severe allergy, there’s a strong case for sticking to dedicated nut free facilities.

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    1. Spangler Candy Canes

    Does this one surprise you? It surprised me! Spangler Candy Canes are pretty widely available. I’ve seen them sold at CVS, Target, Walmart, and Walgreens. You can of course also find Spangler Candy Canes on Amazon.

    Spangler does a great job in providing their allergen information page, a large portion of which is dedicated to addressing concerns of cross-contamination. Their website explains how the products they offer are packaged in their own facility and free from the top eight common allergens, although they note that there’s a possibility of their products containing trace amounts of soy oil. Spangler products are tested twice a year by an independent food lab to make sure their facilities stay free of peanuts and tree nuts (as well as gluten, dairy, eggs, fish and shellfish).

    I had no idea they were so inclusive! What a great option for nut free holiday treats.

    Candy Canes Runner-Up: Organic Candy Canes by Wholesome

    These Wholesome candy canes (Amazon) contain no artificial colors or flavors, are corn syrup free, and are made in a nut free facility! Please continue to be your own biggest advocate by confirming these statements and by visiting the Wholesome website.

    I chose the Spangler candy canes as my first suggestion because of convenience. They aren’t difficult to find! But the Organic candy canes by Wholesome are also an excellent choice. Candy canes are great because they’re individually wrapped. Any time something is individually wrapped, it helps reduce exposure to possible cross-contamination. Either one of these candy canes make for a great choice for a nut free classroom or a school-friendly holiday snack.

    2. Fancy Chocolate Covered Pretzels by No Whey

    I love this company! Everything on their site is made from allergen free sources. Their whole mission is to provide access to allergen free chocolate. As a chocoholic, I approve.

    No Whey engages in random lab testing to ensure that every product they carry stays dairy and nut free. And, their products are featured in the Snack Safe Guide by Snack Safely.

    No Whey has a large array of quality chocolate products to choose from. They also have an impressive seasonal line. They sell really cute seasonal chocolates to celebrate Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Chanukah, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I highly suggest you take a look around their website allowing yourself to browse and just see everything that they offer. There are so many products that would be great to purchase as your Christmas Chocolate. Their fancy pretzel tray includes pretzels covered in both milk-less milk chocolate, and milk-less white chocolate. As everything they sell is free from the top eight allergens, all of their products are also milk free. This would be a great present for teachers, a great present for a nut allergic adult friend, and a great present for yourself. The kids should love these too. I think chocolate covered pretzels are one of those fun treats that the whole family can enjoy.

    If you're looking for nut free holiday treats or Christmas candy that is a little more seasonal or specifically marketed to children, take a look at their Christmas lollipop collection on the No Whey website. I also really like their Advent Calendar and their Peppermint Bark.

    3. Hot Cocoa Mix from Vermont Nut Free

    Vermont nut free is another really amazing company that specializes in providing high end chocolate from dedicated nut free facilities. They have a whole range of really great chocolate products that I highly recommend you give yourself a moment to browse. Dedicated nut free facility products like fudge, cookies, chocolate pops, toffee, barks, and gift baskets are all waiting to be discovered. They also sell a selection of high end boxed chocolates. They were founded in 1998 by the mother of a son who had a life threatening allergy to peanuts.

    You can buy their products directly from the Vermont Nut Free online store or from Amazon.

    There are seriously so many products that they carry and that I love. But, the product I’m recommending to you today is a simple hot chocolate mix.

    This peanut free, tree nut free hot cocoa mix is free from all nuts. And, just to repeat myself, like all of the products from Vermont Nut Free, it’s made inside a dedicated nut free facility. It’s also kosher. It’s truly everything I could want and expect from a hot cocoa powder. Just add your milk of choice.

    Christmas time almost requires that you have a good hot chocolate mix on hand. I grew up in Michigan. The colder it got, the more I’d look forward to coming home to some hot cocoa. This is the brand I recommend. Notice all the high Amazon reviews? It’s for good reason. Pair this with some mini marshmallows that have also been made inside a dedicated nut free facility, like these Campfire mini marshmallows. Campfire also provides a great allergen statement, demonstrating their commitment to individuals with nut allergies.

    4. Nut Free Gingerbread House Kit

    This gingerbread house kit by Sensitive Sweets is completely free from nuts and peanuts. It’s also vegan, and actually free from most of the top eight allergens. To top it all off, it’s free from genetically modified ingredients, has no preservatives, and is also made with no artificial colors or flavors.

    I just think this is so cute! It’s a treat that you can eat and physically enjoy, but the best part is getting to spend time with your family. I just love family activities like this! The kit includes everything you need to make the basic structure of a gingerbread house. All the pieces of the house are made of gingerbread cookie parts. You can buy your own candies or you can pay an additional fee to upgrade your order to buy candies from sensitive sweets. It comes with a small amount of frosting so that you can connect all the pieces of the house. But, if you'd like more frosting to decorate the room or house with, you'll need to add that onto your order separately, or use a different frosting source.

    You can order it online or pick it up in store if you’re lucky enough to live nearby! If you decide to order online, check out some of their other bakery items like a Gingerbread Cookie-Decorating-Set, or a loaf of bakery made cinnamon bread! 

    Sensitive Sweets is another company founded and started by a mother to a little one with severe allergies. Melanie, the owner, began her bakery when she was looking into options for a birthday cake for her son. Since then it's only grown. If you don't live nearby (which will be most of us haha), she offers cupcake mixes, cake mixes, and waffle mixes that you can make in your own home.

    5. Flavored Hot Cocoas by St Claire's

    If you're looking to get experimental with your cocoa mix, check out the array of gourmet cocoas on the St. Claire's website. They offer a variety of gourmet flavors to choose from. Flavors like Cherry Hot Cocoa, Raspberry Hot Cocoa, Vanilla Hot Cocoa, Peppermint Hot Cocoa, Caliente! Hot Cocoa, Mandarin Hot Cocoa, Ginger Hot Cocoa, and Traditional Hot Cocoa. If you can't decide they even offer a sampler pack. Everything that St. Clair sells is made inside a dedicated peanut free and tree nut free facility.

    I'm a fan of classic hot cocoa. But hey, it might be fun to branch out and try different varieties or offer these as gifts! I can see this being a really nice gift to add to a gift basket around Christmas time. These hot cocoa packs are made from all organic ingredients. The base of their favors being made from organic molasses and organic cocoa powder. This product as well as this company’s facility it Is free from the top eight allergens. So, no gluten, no eggs, no dairy, no soy, no corn, no peanuts, no tree nuts, and no shellfish.

    The company began from the development of an organic breath mint, St. Claire’s Organic Peppermints. It was originally designed as an alternative to Altoid mints. She used molasses granules to create a base for the pure peppermint oil. From there she made her way into creating hot chocolate mix that has an emphasis on real organic, whole foods ingredients and molasses granules. They offer a few other products like breath mints, candies, fruit tarts, fruit tarts with vitamin C, and aromatherapy pastilles for scratchy throats, all made inside the same dedicated peanut free and tree nut free facility.

    Please note that these recommendations are current at the time of publishing. You should always refer to labels or call companies to confirm as recipes and policies can change over time.

    Summary for These Nut Free Holiday Treats

    So there you have it! Those are five dedicated nut free candies, perfect for Christmas time. You can give these desserts as holiday gifts, or you buy yourself a gift. Do both! Ha ha. Or, you can buy them for yourself and share with friends. A lot of these products are really great for families. These are five nut free products great for Christmas candies, but they're also five nut free products made in dedicated nut free facilities. Facilities that make all of their products in dedicated nut free facilities. I hope you found something to put on your wish list! Merry Christmas and happy holidays!