16 Nut Free Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Sweetie

nut free valentine's day sweeties

Looking for a romantic, nut free Valentine's Day gift to give your nut-allergic special someone? Keep reading.

When your valentine is allergic to peanuts or tree nuts, picking up a regular set of boxed chocolates at your local grocery store is a BIG no-no. Many commercial boxed chocolates will include nuts as an ingredient inside their recipe. Which will make it hard to find the exact product you’re looking for.

But even worse, a product that omits nuts could lead to a false sense of security as it isn’t automatically safe. Even if a product omits peanuts and tree nuts from its recipe, you could unknowingly purchase something that could induce an allergic reaction from cross-contamination if the product in question has been made in a facility that processes other products that include nuts, or if that company uses shared conveyor belts in their processing factory.

Unknowingly purchasing the wrong thing and making a mistake can cause your Valentine to have a severe allergic reaction, as food allergies can often be severe, which is the absolute last thing you want to happen when you’re trying to plan something special for the person you love. Don’t know where to begin? It’s okay. It’s serious stuff, but don’t get overwhelmed. We’ll. walk you through it.

These Valentine’s Day gifts ideas are all certified nut free, and will offer safe ideas for your favorite nut free sweetie. But, it’s important that we still give you a disclaimer. Please check all labels on the respective websites regarding allergen information before serving it to a guest.

I broke my nut free Valentine’s Day gift idea recommendations into various sections, according to their product types. Feel free to use this list as a sort of directory for nut free Valentine’s Day shopping ideas.

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    Nut Free Valentine's Boxed Chocolate Selections

    1. Best Nut Free Truffle Box

    Vermont Truffle Assortment

    Made in a dedicated nut free facility.

    2. Best Chocolate Box for Someone With Multiple Allergies

    No Whey Heart Chocolate Truffle Box

    Made in a dedicated nut free facility. Facility also free from milk, gluten, egg, soy, and artificial colors and flavors.

    3. Best Gourmet Chocolate Box

    4. Best Nut Free Sea Salt Caramels

    Vermont Sea Salt Caramels

    Made in a dedicated nut free facility.

    Nut Free Valentine's Chocolate Bars

    5. Best Nut Free Vegan or Nut Free Dairy Free Bar

    Pascha's Organic Vegan White Chocolate Bar

    Made in a dedicated nut free facility.

    6. Best Top 12 Allergen Free Bar

    Safe Sweets Chocolate Safe Bar

    Made in a dedicated nut free facility. Facility also free from milk and gluten.

    7. Best Low Glycemic Chocolate Bars

    Nut Free Valentine's Baking

    8. Nut Free Sugar Cookie Dough

    Amanda's Own Confections Sugar Cookie Dough

    Made in a dedicated nut free facility.

    Surprise your sweetheart with a tub of cookie dough as is, and then you can make sugar cookies together.

    Or, if you want to make the cookies as a surprise for your valentine, check your local grocery store for some sprinkles and frosting that isn’t made in a facility that makes nut products. Consider trying a frosting like Miss Jones Organic Buttercream Frosting (Amazon), with is made in a dedicated nut free facility.

    9. Best Allergen Safe and Nut Free Chocolate Chips

    Enjoy Life Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mini Chips (Amazon)

    Made in a dedicated nut free facility. Free from the Top 8 allergens: wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish and shellfish.

    10. Best Nut Free Nutella Replacement

    Organic Acres Chocolate Seed Butter (Amazon)

    Made in a dedicated nut free facility. I've also featured this delicious seed butter in my article 17 Nut Free Breakfast Ideas to Jumpstart Your Morning. If you happen to be planning a romantic home-cooked breakfast on Valentine's Day, be sure to check out that article for some tips on preparing a nut free breakfast.

    Miscellaneous Nut Free Valentine's Chocolate Treats

    11. Best Chocolate Covered Pretzels

    Vermont Nut Free Chocolate Covered Pretzels

    Made in a dedicated nut free facility.

    12. Best Nut Free Chocolate Covered Spoons

    Skips Candies Stirring Spoons

    Made in a dedicated nut free facility.

    13. Best Nut Free Fudge

    Skips Candies Nut Free Fudge

    Made in a dedicated nut free facility.

    14. Best Budget Chocolate

    15. Best Nut Free Chocolate Cluster

    Amanda's Own Confections Chocolate Cherry Clusters

    Made in a dedicated nut free facility.

    16. Best Solid Chocolate Hearts

    Red Heart Swirl Bag by Amanda's Own Confections

    Made in a dedicated nut free facility.

    Summary for These Nut Free Valentine’s Day Gifts

    I do my best to provide our readers with product recommendations they can trust, but checking in person is still an important step that can’t be skipped when dealing with severe food allergies, as over time companies could change their manufacturing policies without notification. This can be verified easily by referencing their ingredient labels as these companies should include a “nut free,” or “made in a dedicated nut free facility” label on their products.

    The extra effort you’re putting towards finding your nut-allergic special someone the perfect nut free Valentine’s Day gift will show. Your nut-allergic valentine will probably feel extra loved that you’ve put some time aside to read this article to ensure the avoidance of their offending allergen. When giving any of these items as gifts, it might be a good idea to hold on to the wrapper or the box it comes in so if your valentine has any questions they can read the label and assess it on their own. Have a beautiful nut free Valentine’s Day!