6 Awesome Food Allergy YouTube Channels to Follow – for Adults, Kids

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Are you looking for where the allergy advocacy community lives online? Well, look no further! Here are a handful of inspiring YouTube channels to check out. I've found them all quite helpful, in promoting the awareness of allergic living and advocating for those of us impacted by allergies.

Kids spend a tremendous amount of time behind the screen. They have their own tablets, phones, computers, YouTube, and a lot of ways, YouTube is replacing cable. Did you know that there are tons of really great YouTube channels for kids that are specialized and focused on nut allergy awareness? There are food allergy advocates catering to children with allergies, there are bloggers dedicated to parents of newly diagnosed children, and there are tons of really great food bloggers with nut free recipes.

Take a look at our list of some of my favorite content creators and see if there's anything that interests you enough to hit subscribe.

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    1. Living Teal

    The Living Teal channel is brought to YouTube by FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education), a leading resource in food allergy awareness and research. Living Teal has all sorts of great resources for food allergic families, for both kids and parents! The channel features interviews from food-allergic kids and adults, all sharing their stories and the ways they’ve created care plans for themselves.

    The channel also features food allergy news and webinars. Be sure to check out the channel’s Food Allergy Webinars playlist.

    Living Teal's Food Allergy 101 playlist is another must watch for families learning about a new diagnosis. FARE and Living Teal are resources for all food allergies. All food allergies can result in a severe allergic reaction, but nine foods are responsible for the majority of food related allergic reactions. FARE’s Food Allergy 101 playlist introduces you to the top 9 offending allergens: egg, fish, milk, peanut, sesame, shellfish, soy, wheat, and tree nut. The top allergens used to be known as “The Big 8”, but recently sesame has been added to the list.

    Living Teal has a few other great playlists like Mocha Talk and Teal Holidays With Heather, which you can check out at their playlists menu.

    Visit the Living Teal YouTube channel for more videos.

    2. Kids With Food Allergies

    Kids With Food Allergies–a division of AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America)–is an educational resource for families learning about myths and facts, diagnosis coping, allergy law, food allergy management, and much more. The channel also provides fun videos for kids on safe craft ideas, and safe baking ideas.

    Kids With Food Allergies has exceptional webinars and Facebook Live chats where members of AAFA interview specialists such as food allergy researchers, allergists, doctors, lawyers, and school administrators. Check out their Webinars With Expert Speakers playlist, which is especially insightful. Kids With Food Allergies is a great educational resource that’s available to everyone for free. Also be sure to check out the Kids With Food Allergies website for additional resources.

    Visit the Kids With Food Allergies YouTube channel for more videos.

    3. Kyle Dine

    Kyle Dine is incredible. He has a whole food allergy awareness empire, all catered to kids. He writes catchy lil’ tunes that empowers children who are still learning about their newly diagnosed allergy, like his super catchy song Food Allergies Rock. He also posts videos of live concerts and allergy chats, which is a way he connects to his audience by sharing a little bit of non-musical storytime where he reflects back on his own childhood experiences when growing up with allergies.

    Some of my favorite tunes of his include on YouTube:

    Kyle is constantly updating his channel and writing new songs in the topic of food allergy awareness. His songs are clever and quirky and perfect for children. He performs at kid’s schools assemblies and offers virtual allergy assemblies as well.

    Kyle has his own DVD titled Kyle Dine and Friends Allergy Awareness For Schools DVD that features a two disc DVD set for grades K-2 and 3-6. Each DVD is 30 minutes long and comes with worksheets and teacher resources. He even has an option to watch his educational music lecture in different languages, like French, German, and Spanish.

    You can also find a selection of Kyle's DVDs and music on Amazon.

    He’s basically a food allergy advocate rock star playing concerts for the kiddos online and in school districts.

    Kyle’s songs cover a variety of different food allergies, but his own food allergies include peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, seafood, and mustard.

    Kyle Dine & Friends - Allergy Awareness with Songs, Puppets, and Games
    Kyle Dine & Friends - Allergy Awareness with Songs, Puppets, and Games
    Kyle Dine (Actor); David Hunter (Director); English (Subtitle); Audience Rating: G (General Audience)
    Food Allergies Rock
    Food Allergies Rock
    Audio CD – Audiobook; CD Baby (Publisher)
    You Must Be Nuts
    You Must Be Nuts
    Shrink-wrapped; Audio CD – Audiobook; 10/08/2007 (Publication Date) - CD Baby (Publisher)

    Last update on 2024-05-25 // Source: Amazon

    His website KyleDine.com might be fun to browse with your nut-allergic child as it has printable worksheets like allergy awareness mazes, quizzes, and coloring worksheets to play with.

    Visit Kyle Dine’s Youtube channel for more videos.

    4. May Contain

    The May Contain YouTube channel is run by May-Contain.com blogger Daniel Kelly. The UK blogger writes various posts on allergy education and self care resources for young adults with food allergies.

    Daniel himself was diagnosed with a severe nut allergy when he was five years old. When the time came for him to graduate high school, he went to university and studied graphic design. It was there that he created a school project that went viral. The project was a fashion magazine that featured an EpiPen as a fashion statement, in order to raise awareness on anaphylaxis and the severity of nut allergies. Daniel received press attention from The Huddersfield Examiner, and then from the Anaphylaxis Campaign. From there, he felt inspired and decided to get involved in creating more content for the allergen community–especially for young people. Daniel continues to use art and his graphic design skills as a form of social activism for the food-allergic community.

    From there he created a blog, then a YouTube channel. Some video topics include Going to University With an AllergyGoing to Greece With an AllergyAllergy Free Ice CreamTelling Your Date You Have an AllergyOrdering Takeaway Online With a Food Allergy, and so many more.

    The May Contain brand also includes a podcast by the same name–the May Contain podcast–which is available to listen to for free on Apple Podcasts. Kelly has said that his mission statement with his brand is to “break the stigma around allergies.”  He also has a social media account on Instagram that posts updates on his ongoing content creation. He’s definitely someone in the community you’ll want to keep watch for.

    Visit the May Contain YouTube channel for more videos.

    5. Allergy Awesomeness

    Allergy Awesomeness is a YouTube channel run by a power couple with two food-allergic children. The channel creates ongoing Q & A videos for parents that are full of really great content from the perspective of Meg, a mom that's put a lot of time and attention and care into providing a safe environment for her food allergic children. She also shares a variety of allergen friendly recipes on the Allergy Awesomeness channel that are always nut free, vegan, gluten free, and Top 8 free. Meg has EOE (eosinophilic esophagitis), which is a chronic immune disease that resulted in one of her sons having over 30 allergies.

    In watching their videos, I’ve learned a lot about the mother’s perspective of dealing with food allergies. I recommend her channel to all mother’s learning about caring for a child with allergies throughout all the different stages of development. Watching her kids go through all their different stages makes you feel connected and like everyone is growing up together.

    Visit the Allergy Awesomeness YouTube channel for more videos.

    6. U Can't Eat WHAT?

    U Can't Eat WHAT? is a YouTube channel run by CJ, a food-allergic kid sharing his recipe adaptations for a peanut free, tree nut free, dairy free, and egg free lifestyle. Although he hasn’t been active in a little while, his channel is still active. Meaning, all the videos he’s posted are still great and worth checking out. It’s especially nice when your kids are watching other kids, maybe their age, maybe a little bit older, sharing what they’ve learned about their allergies. I think it’s inspiring to the next generation.

    On his channel CJ shares his favorite after school snacks like sunflower butter celery, puppy chow snack mix, and sweet and spicy chicken wings. CJ seems to be a chicken wing specialist as he shares a few different recipe combinations on his channel.

    Visit CJ’s U Can't Eat WHAT? Youtube channel for more videos.

    Summary of These Food Allergy YouTube Channels to Follow

    Who needs cable? There’s more than enough kid friendly, allergen friendly entertainment on YouTube. And when it’s educational too, that’s a win win for everyone. There’s a wide variety of content out there these days, and there’s a different allergy awareness channel for all ages. We hope you found something you like and connected with. If you did, let us know! You can get in touch with us on Instagram, just visit us at @GoNutFree.